Some Like It Hot Candle


A Sultry Blend of Crisp Orange and Spicy Chili Pepper

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SheSells Candles are made with custom blended and individually hand poured soy wax. Each candle has 9oz of beautifully fragranced wax that has an approximate burn time of 80 long hours.

The lead-free wicks are pre trimmed but you should be sure to trim the wick to 1/4″ inch before each burn to ensure a clean burn. If the flame is too high or the container is blackening at the top, then the wick is too long. Do not burn the candle past the last 1/4″ of wax to avoid the flame burning against the glass which could result in shattering the glass.

A characteristic of pure, natural soy wax can be frosting of the candle. This tends to be more noticeable in colored soy candles. The frosting on a soy candles is similar to the frosting you can see on very fine chocolates. It is the result of a natural product and has no effect on the burning or scent of the candle. In fact, it is one way to know that the candle you are burning is 100% soy.


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