Coconut Wax Melts – Wickless Candle


Wax melts are basically a wickless candle. They are scented wax that you melt in a tart burner. The wax melts get heated & fill your home with an amazing scent.

  • Each pack comes with 6 wax melts in them.
  • Buy 1 Pack for $9 or mix and match any 3 packs for $24
  • Automatic FREE SHIPPING on All Orders over $100!

The cooler melting temperature of coconut wax makes them safe to use around children & pets with no concern about an open flame.


Angel Oak, Beach Walker, Bless Your Heart, Charleston in Bloom, Folly Breeze, Harvest Moon, High Tea, Low Tide, Holy City, I Love Palms, Lowcountry Leisure, Midnight in the Garden, Namaste Y'all, Palmetto Rose, Sullivan's Travels, Tall, Dark and Handsome, Deck the Halls, Gingerbread House, The Great Pumpkin, Under the Mistletoe


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