Beach Walker Candle


Floral bouquet of orchid and sea salt.

  • $34 each, 2 for $65
  • Free Shipping on all orders over $100.

SheSells Candles are made with custom-blended and individually hand-poured coconut apricot wax. The unique look is accented with an eco-friendly, responsibly-harvested wooden wick. Each candle has 9oz of beautifully fragranced wax that has an approximate burn time of 80 long hours.

Do not burn the candle past the last 1/4″ of wax to avoid the flame burning against the glass which could result in shattering the glass.

1 review for Beach Walker Candle

  1. Andy Natusch

    Best candle I’ve ever purchased! Fills up my whole house with great smells!

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